Our company repairs professional musical electronics consistently for 7 music stores; occasionally for 15 other music stores, plus a large number of churches, colleges, school systems, theatres, restaurants, sound system companies, industry, and governmental customers.


As owner/ head technician, I take responsibility for all aspects of the business.

    I started TSR 25 years ago while working for a music store, feeling the need to forgo certain inconsistencies and practices I witnessed then. I then filed a dba in 1990; I am now in the 21st year of business and still enjoy helping people to produce music, keeping their instruments and other equipment running well.

    My training starts with playing music for 40 years, anywhere from local pubs to concert stages. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from State University of New York in 1978. My technical training begins at ground level, having repaired musical instrument equipment for 38 years. I graduated Cleveland Institute of Electronics in 1985, completing a curriculum in Advanced Troubleshooting & Technology. I attended the JBL Professional Transducer Seminar and became certified in 1991. In 1993, I attended transducer servicing seminars for Electro-Voice in Buchanan, MI. From 1994 to 2000, I studied at servicing seminars for Roland Corporation certification required every three years.