Refurbished and Vintage Equipment!

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Ah, yes, an old Ibanez TS9

Early serial number (starting with 1)
Black back label,
and the "real" chip inside.

Priced reasonably at $400.00




A really pungent Tremolo pedal with sine and square wave modulation
Pungently priced at $60.00 plus shipping.


Alesis 3630 Compressor
And there are two of them!
Modestly priced at $100.00 each. Manual contains all pertinent information and specs.


Behringer DSP2024P
-effects generator-
Totally EFFECT-ive!!!
Only $100.00 plus shipping
Manual attached


A '51 Nash Rambler

A little rust......

Trust me, it runs....some...

In the summer.....downhill.



Kustom Profile System "One Head"
   ALL IN ONE! Simple 100w PA amp with digital effects. Manual will elaborate.
Only $150.00 plus shipping!


The Maestro PS-1A Phase Shifter
None are close to the same! Looks simple, sounds cool and is collectable. An internet link is provided to fill in the background, and enlighten. Doesn`t have the elusive footswitch but one could be made with the help of diagrams available and 3 switches.
...also has the Oberheim circuit board.
$230.00 plus shipping




Casio CZ101- "the little mouse that roared ". Interesting real synthesizer with mini keys, MIDI and more. Manual attached. Going for $150.00 plus shipping.



Behringer MDX2200 Composer Compressor
A good, inexpensive, all-purpose compressor. Details and specs in manual. Priced at $100.00 each plus shipping
and there are two of them.


Ibanez SM7 Smashbox
Very modern 'metalescent' multi-purpose distortion-creating machine. There are some sites online trying to describe it,
but .......YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT!
On the block for $60.00 plus shipping
(I hate to have to add that)


Peavey Spectrum Bass II Module
It`s  bass...and also synths.
Should you not be familiar with this one, the manual explains it all.
A mere $230.00 plus shipping


Yamaha TX7 Digital Synth Module
Loaded with some interesting and powerful custom patches.
The manual will describe this in more detail.......priced at $250.00 plus shipping


Kawai Programmable MIDI Keyboard Controller`s been around a bit ,but works fine.
The manual will explain the fine, too....$150.00 plus shipping